One thing which has been really wonderful about going vegan is my renewed enthusiam for cooking, baking, and all things food-related! My partner can testify to this. Pre-vegan days I was in such a food rut, eating a fair amount of unhealthy, boring, samey foods. We ate the same few dishes day after day, week after week. Now, I love cooking. I find that I can make the time for it, or eat later than I would have before so that I am able to cook the exciting meal I had planned. I am eating much more healthily too. Here’s some recent things I have made…

From VeganYumYum (the best cookbook ever!):

– Lemon and cranberry muffins

– Creamy kale and sweet potato bake

– Baked mac and cheese

– Creamy tomato barley risotto

– Pancakes

– Tahini lemon rice and beans

– Lime chilli tofu with kale

– Italian rice and beans

My apron!

From websites, etc:

Supercharge me cookies (twice, different variations each time)

Choc chip cookies

Wheat free cookies for a friend at work

Carrot cake with cream cheese icing this was AMAZING

Protein muffins

Banana and date muffins

Mac and cheese

Green smoothies

Blueberry muffin

Butternut squash and lentil dal

And I have bought a book about breadmaking, so I’ll be doing that soon. And I got an ice-cream maker! It’s the first experiment with that tonight, I’m making chocolate coconut milk ice cream :o)